Client reviews

I decided to start to ask clients if they would be prepared to write a short piece about coming to sessions with me. Below is my first response from J.

After trying to battle on for a very long time without seeking any help I finally came to terms with the fact that I couldn’t do it alone. I had been to one counsellor before Karen and even though I didn’t know what to expect my situation was not improving. Ready to give up I was recommended Karen by a close friend and thought I’d give it one last try. 5 months on I’m still going once a week. Karen’s approach was different to my other experience and immediately felt comfortable. At the beginning every session was very tough and I couldn’t see a future for myself, Karen’s proactive approach and way she adapted to the different ways I was feeling every week allowed me to leave feeling ‘better’ than I did before I walked in, even when I thought that wouldn’t be possible. I never thought I’d be in the place I am now and if someone told me 5 months ago that I’d actually be able to laugh during my sessions I would had thought they were mad. For me personally I still have a long way to go and every week I’m making progress, the only regret I have is that I didn’t meet Karen a lot earlier in my life.

My session’s ended with C tonight, the section below outlines their journey through therapy

8 months after my father died I had reached a really low point. I was feeling depressed, anxious, and emotionally drained. On the advice from my GP to take time out from work, I reached out to Karen and have not looked back over the last 4 months, Karen has worked with me to understand my own self worth and that it’s OK to feel pain, anger and denial while you are grieving. By using different techniques Karen has made me relax, take time out and be open about how I am feeling. I have the power to change my mood by using various counselling approaches to fit my needs whether I’m feel anxious or depressed. There are people to touch out lives at certain points and we are forever changed and I’m grateful that Karen came into my life when she did.

The client below did not wish to be identified  in any way, but was prepared to write a review.

I have found counselling with Karen invaluable. I first went to Karen thinking I didn’t need counselling but I wanted to understand what was happening in my marriage.  I initially saw Karen for 8 sessions and she was great from the first session, and I realised I had made the right decision.  I had a break for a month but then decided I needed to go back to Karen.  I have then continued seeing Karen for some months.  The sessions have been invaluable, honest, thought provoking and life affirming.

I realise now I would have never seen or understood where I was in my life or the dynamics of my marriage without counselling.  I have learnt a great deal about myself and my relationship and the impacts this has had on my life.  I have been able to walk away from counselling with the knowledge I am in a positive place in my life and that seeing Karen has enabled me to move forward in my life with strength and positivity. Karen is intuitive, listens and engages very thoughtfully.

J came to see me for relaxation techniques. we talked through mindfulness and how I felt it would help. J had six sessions and has written the next section to explain their process.

I went to see Karen to see if she could help me relax at my annual medicals at work as I suffer from white coat hypertension. I found that our sessions not only helped me to relax but entirely changed the way I feel. I don’t understand how mindfulness ( living in the present) affects the way I feel, all I know is it does. It’s not that I think through any problems or issues I encounter logically, it’s more that I feel differently about them in the first place, they don’t bother me, if anything I think less about them. As a result I’m generally more relaxed & calm.

Stafford wrote the review below for me, they had come to see me with high levels of anxiety, this was copied with their permission from a review they left for me on google.

I cannot recommend this lady high enough.

I started seeing Karen a few months ago and while I will not go into the specifics, was quite literally a shell of a person, suffering with dreadful anxiety, I felt that my entire life had fallen apart around me. and I was quite literally at the end of the road.

After my term with Karen, I have turned my life around, I have changed so much in such a short time and I owe it largely to her.  All my friends and family are so happy to have the old me back.

As someone said to me (which convinced me to seek Karen out) we will happily spend money on cosmetics (well not me but you get the idea), oral hygiene, pay for medication whenever it is required, however we all seem to forget the most important part of our body….our brain.

It’s great to be able to talk to someone in a trusting environment, someone who does not judge or critique.

Thank you for everything Karen

This client did not want to be identified in any way – but was prepared to write the review below

Met Karen a few months ago. helped me deal with some problems and even some I did not know I had until the sessions with her and got me to look at things more positively which has change my perspective . would highly recommend her

The client below did not want to be identified in any way, but was prepared to write the review below

After having my baby 2 years ago I was suffering from post natal depression but was never diagnosed with it, I then had a medical procedure which pushed me over the edge to which I started suffering from anxiety.
When first meeting Karen I was not in a good place she has helped me to learn to live in the moment, to deal with negative thought processes and has given me the tools to help me do this.
When I look back over the last six months I am now much more relaxed and in a happy place.

This couple came to me in crisis, they are now able to resolve any differences before they get into an argument, this was copied with their permission from a google review they left for me

My husband and I will be forever grateful to Karen for helping us through our problems that almost tore our marriage apart. She guided us, was extremely patient and always found a way for us to deal with issues. She always had a positive for any negativity we had between us. We would recommend Karen to anyone.. she’s so lovely, that I miss not seeing her now! We can’t thank you enough. Xxx

This client did not want to be identified – but was prepared to write a review

I went to see Karen with anxiety, issues with bereavement, and low self esteem. The sessions were always calm and I left each one in a better place. Karen is able to help me to sit with my feelings of being anxious and to help me to work through them. I am currently still seeing Karen and continue to work on what I now call the ‘new me’.

The client below did not want to be identified other than their first name – Brandon.

I contacted Karen amidst a growing realisation that my daily life had been overlain by a consistent and worsening depression for a number of years. Her use of a variety of techniques from multiple philosophies really appealed to me, especially after time spent with another therapist with a much more focused system. Once our sessions had begun, she allowed me to lead with only a small number of carefully chosen prompts and questions, thereby forcing me to further assess my own problems. The full extent of my difficulties had not been resolved by the time we agreed to part ways, but I felt more confident about weathering the storm on my own because of the processes and tools Karen helped me to put into my daily routine.

The client below did not want to be identified other than their first name – Michelle.

“I reached out to Karen after considering seeking some professional advice a few times before. I’d always been worried that I didn’t “need” counselling, but she put me at ease straight away and I found the six sessions I had with her really helped me to iron out some worries and uncertainties that had been weighing me down for about a decade – causing problems in my relationships and daily life. Karen was understanding, practical, and I was impressed that she suggested a six week block from the start as opposed to leaving the duration of the sessions hanging – though it would always have been possible to continue them had I felt the need and I’d always return if I felt a check-up was in order.”

Below is a review from Lucy

I first contacted Karen as I had been suffering with an eating disorder for 8 years. I had previously seen two counsellors before attending a rehab facility. Neither had worked. I had tried by myself for a while to overcome my battle with bulimia but was continuously unsuccessful- caught in a cycle of success-relapse-guilt. This would happen most days. I decided that I needed to seek help and then found Karen. I was initially reluctant to explore deeply into why it was that I had this disorder so, Karen, being Karen decided to give me strategies to try without being judgemental of my failed efforts.

I would find that after each session with her I was able to have something to hold onto and focus on in the week between our next session. Slowly but surely I began to regain parts of myself back again. I started to acknowledge why I was behaving in the way that I was, and most importantly be able to identify ways to overcome the negative behaviours and consequently the negative feelings.

Karen has taught me how to be mindful when I never realised I could be. She has helped me to like and accept myself and recognise that imperfections and ‘off’ days are all a part of life and not something to beat myself up over. She has taught me to be present in the moment, to explore my feelings without judgement, and she’s taught me to know myself.

I spent many weeks with Karen and I always felt a wave of relief when I’d sit in the chair opposite her. It has been a long journey for me, and to be honest not a journey I’d ever imagined getting so far along. One thing I do know is that I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Karen holding my hand.

Lucy- eating disorder, bulimia.

Review from D

All the emotional problems I had been ignoring for years came to a head and I could not cope, tearful, anxious, irrational and blaming it on myself as had to cope and guilty when I did not. I had ignored my personal mental and physical well being for years.

Counselling had been suggested by family, but ignored by me. However, after a meltdown at work I called Karen who had been recommended to me and made an appointment. It was one of the best things I have ever done.

Karen’s expert, help and guidance has enabled me to find a balance in my life again. She offers empathy and understanding and using various techniques helps you make sense of all the issues you have been ignoring, or accepting for years, or in my case many, many years. It gives you a fresh view of your world letting in the positives and giving you the ability to manage the negatives. This is having a positive effect on all sorts of relationships. I have my life and confidence back. The journey I started with Karen’s expert help will continue.

Review from ‘E

“I will forever be grateful to Karen for guiding me through the darkest time of my life.
After giving birth to a beautiful daughter, my anxiety became unbearable and all the demons I thought I buried or I wasn’t even aware that existed, resurfaced.
I was feeling lost, confused, guilty, and angry with myself for feeling this way after such a beautiful event.
In the beginning I was sceptical about my recovery, but Karen with her expertise and patience showed me the light at the end of the tunnel.
After every session with Karen, I could feel the weight caused by anxiety being lifted from my shoulders as I was able to solve all my issues starting from my childhood into my adulthood.
I now feel normal again and most importantly I can enjoy raising my baby.
Thank you Karen. E.”

Review from ‘H’

“I started working with Karen after I had lost control with binge drinking. This was 5 months ago. I also had a lot of built up anger and stress I didn’t know how to deal with.
It was having a very negative effect on those around me. Karen listened and asked me all sorts of questions. This is to show how the perceived behaviours were learnt and how to overcome them.
I felt comfortable and at ease speaking to Karen and we covered lots of ground. Karen kept the session focused on the presenting problem which I found helpful. We set goals and discussed sound reasoning.
The difference has been profound I’ve changed jobs and been a lot happier in the day to day. I’ve cut down massively on the binge side of drinking and have learnt skills to help and deal with stress. I would recommend without hesitation Karen’s methods and her style.

I had seen Elliot for several months and they came with severe work based anxiety. Elliot now has a new job and has taken up his social life again.

I cannot thank Karen enough for the help she has given me when I felt so lost after losing confidence in myself and being floored by anxiety, I wish I hadn’t scoffed at the idea of counselling and done it sooner. Karen introduced me to meditation and it’s something I will now practice forever. It’s so comforting knowing Karen is there to speak to. Highly, highly recommended.

M agreed to write the testimonial below after attending sessions for over two years

I started coming to see Karen following the breakup of my marriage, it was a really stressful and emotional time for me. We explored the reasons that contributed to the breakup as well as a range of linked issues, some of which I hadn’t really realised were such an issue or how much they were affecting me. She used a range of methods to help me understand, cope and move forwards, from more traditional counselling but also mindfulness and coaching.

Karen helped me have the time and headspace during challenging times at home not only to help with dealing with the situation and moving on from it but also gave me the confidence to get a new job. Without her I do not think I would have had the right mind-set to be able to do so.

I have left knowing myself infinitely better than I have ever done, and I now have a range of tools to be able to cope with the challenges of life and work. I am now in a positive place and know myself more than i did when i started this journey.

A agreed to write this review after seeing me initially for checking

I went to see Karen as I had spent years constantly checking various things which often resulted in problems leaving home. Although I attended I had little belief that the situation could be helped. I had never been to a therapist before and had little belief that seeing a counsellor would have any affect.
However after seeing Karen, my checking is mostly under control and I can now recognize trigger points. Not only has Karen helped with this she has also helped me to deal with memories that I had chosen to ignore, I didn’t realise the effects this had had on me until I started to speak to Karen.

Karen has helped improve my life and I am now I truly believe that therapy can help. Karen tells you honestly what her thoughts are and provides practical suggestions on how to resolve things. She doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable and I would happily return to her again.

The client below has recently ended their sessions as they are now in a better place to deal with the issues that brought then to see me.

My name is Steve, I am 42 years old and I am someone who had never previously tried therapy or counselling in the past as I was skeptical as to how this would help me..

With several problems in my life that came all at once including stress at work, family bereavement and ongoing wider family concerns, I found that I had become quite overwhelmed and which started to present itself as an anger issue toward my wife and family, never physical but a temper that would rise extremely quickly and was inappropriate for the causes.

I researched local therapists and found that Karen Brown had strong experience and great reviews for addressing anger management and so, arranged to meet.

I met with Karen at her office in Crawley and quickly found that she had a very calm manner and I also realised that I was quickly able to open up on all aspects of the issues that had brought me here. This was surprising as I am quite a closed person who would normally not discuss personal matters.

During the sessions that followed, Karen made several suggestions, from breathing exercises to apps which can be downloaded to assist with calmness and with sleep. These all helped very well and alongside this, I found that just having someone to talk to outside of family and wider friends helped enormously.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Karen to anyone who needs a little help.

Stay well Karen, and thank you

Katie left this review on google:

I cant recommend Karen enough, with her amazing ways of solving your problems, stresses and worries in a very calm and easy manner. Truly changed my outlook on my life and mental health.

Fiona left this review on google,

Definitely highly recommend Karen. When I was lost and helpless Karen helped guide me back onto the right path.

Karen provided me with guidance, help, understanding, support has made me a better person.

Karen is warm, caring and compassionate lady who is easy to talk to and puts you at ease straight away. She is brilliant at helping you make sense of all that is going around you and inside you and teach how to cope with the stresses of life.

Karen has managed to help me put my broken pieces back together again and for that I cant thank her enough.

The review below was left by client L

I cannot thank Karen enough for helping me find myself. I have always suffered with anxiety and not feeling confident in myself. I became a Mum in March 2019 and my anxiety became worse. Lockdown then happened and it all got too much. I then reached out and decided it was time I did something about it which is when I started my sessions with Karen. I felt so silly and like I was wasting Karen’s time but she made me feel so relaxed and reassured me this was not the case. She has really helped me deal with all my past issues and helped me to move forward and start having more confidence in myself which I do not think I have ever had. Thank you again Karen for everything x Sent from my iPhone

The review below was emailed to me by a client who preferred to be anonymous

Last year I contacted Karen for help and counselling after years of not dealing with issues and pretending I was okay.
Like many others I was struggling with the effects of lockdowns, family estrangements and juggling a demanding job plus bereavement of a family member and a close friend.
I was really unsure of what to expect from the whole process but knew I needed to try to make sense of stuff that was causing me stress and anxiety.
Karen is naturally very warm and encouraging, I felt safe and at ease early on in the sessions. I was able to talk openly and freely and had many light bulb moments which she expertly steered me through.
There is no shame in admitting that you need help and acting on that premise can help relationships to heal and give you coping strategies for the future.
I highly recommend Karen and would urge anyone that is feeling overwhelmed to be brave and take that all important first step to therapy. A glass half full is much more enjoyable than one that is half empty.

The review below was emailed to me with the agreement to share it on my website

Together with my partner we decided to get in touch with Karen when things started to get rocky between us and the communication was becoming really difficult.
Karen is warm, professional and funny and has been a great support to us for which we couldn’t be more grateful.
We felt supported and listened to during our sessions. She encouranged us to make changes in our behaviours in order to improve our communication.
We would not hesitate to recommend her to others.

Kind regards
Magda and Clive

The review below was emailed to me with the agreement to share it to my website

Dear Karen
I want to say thank you so much for helping me through the last 9 months.
My sessions with you made it possible for me to both understand, and deal with, my husband’s addiction to alcohol.
Your support helped me find strength and clarity, and this enabled us both to find a positive way forward.
Whilst never trivialising the situation, the humour in our sessions made them enjoyable as well as revealing.
With very Best wishes
From Barbara

Below is a recent review copied from my Google Business page on Google maps

Around 6 months ago, I decided

I should speak to someone about managing my stress levels from running a business. I came across Karen in a google search, to be honest she was the first name that came up and was close to me.

We arranged our first session and I remember coming off the Signal call and saying to my wife, I’m not sure me and the therapist clicked. She encouraged me to have another session, so I did. Karen went through some breathing techniques and other exercises during these early sessions which she believed would help with my stress levels, again I was sceptical but I gave them a go. I cant say that they all worked for me but I did find the breathing exercise a useful tool that I still use to this day. I was however, still not 100%

After a few months of talking to Karen every week things started to click, we got to know each other a little better and I started seeing improvements in my daily life. I was able to deal with stressful work situations that would before keep my up at night. Even when me and my wife went through a very upsetting personal experience I felt like I was able to deal with the situation and help support my wife.

After 6 months or so I felt like I had to tools and skills required to deal with the issues that life throws at you, Karen agreed and we decided that we would stop the sessions. If I ever felt like I was struggling again I would ring karen and begin therapy again.

Sometimes people are worried ashamed or don’t think therapy will do them any good, to this I say just give it a go. As a 6ft tall high achieving man with a successful business and home life, I can promise you that everyone can be mentally vulnerable and its something we should all be more aware of.

Thanks Karen

Below is a review from a returning client

Life is full of twists and turns and I decided that I needed some help to get myself back on a centred approach.  Having spent some time with Karen a number of years ago there was no hesitation to go back to her.  She is amazing, always listens and is both challenging and supportive in the right amounts.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Karen and was good to be able to go back to her.

Below is a copy of a review left on google by Jordan

I worked with Karen up until very recently. I simply do not have enough superlatives to explain how much she has helped me. Having sessions with her has helped me to make innumerable changes to my life for the better.

From day one she provided a comfortable atmosphere and was able to guide the conversation and help me get to the root of issues I was not even aware of.

If I could offer 6 stars I absolutely would and I could not recommend her more to anyone who feels they need some help in a difficult time.

Thanks for everything.